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School Department

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School Assignment

The Springfield Public Schools (SPS) operate under the SPS Boundary School Assignment Plan on the elementary (kindergarten – grade five) and middle school (grades six – eight) levels. The Boundary Plan links every address in the city with a corresponding elementary and middle school. Students are guaranteed placement at their appropriate Boundary School (with the exception of some programmatic or medical needs). Additional elementary and middle school choices are offered under the Magnet Schools Program. Magnet School enrollment is available to students regardless of their address and each school offers a unique and exciting program.

At the high school level (grades nine – twelve) students are free to apply to any of the city's high schools.

Parent Information Center

91 School Street
Springfield, MA 01105 (map)
Phone: 311 or 413-787-7276
Fax: 413-787-6692

Magnet Schools

Magnet School information can be obtained by contacting

Kathe P. Harbour
Magnet Program Recruiter
Parent Information Center
22 Mulberry Street
Springfield, MA 01105
Phone: 413-787-7478
Fax: 413-787-6692


Detailed information on all Springfield Public Schools and their programs can be found on the system's website:

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