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Good Neighbor Guide to Springfield Quality of Life Ordinances

Neighborhood Councils & Civic Associations

Armory Quadrangle Civic Assoc.,

140 Chestnut St., Spfld., MA 01103

Phone: 747-1830



Atwater Park Civic Assoc,

P.O. Box 70572, Spfld., MA 01107 531-6090

e-mail: Steve Haddad


Bay Area Neighborhood Council,

PO Box 91066 Spfld., MA 01109

Phone: 413-2212472

East Forest Park Civic Assoc.,

66 Bangor Street., Springfield, MA 01118

Phone: 413-330-9224, Beth Hogan


East Springfield Neighborhood Council,

c/o 136 Edendale St, Spfld., MA 01104

Office: 886-5379

Location: 1437 Carew Street.

Forest Park Civic Assoc,

77 Firglade Ave., Spfld., MA 01108

Phone: 413-301-5674 Laura Walsh

Location: Bing Arts Center, 716 Sumner Ave

Hungry Hill Neighborhood Council,

P.O. Box 352, Spfld., MA 01101

Office: 733-9411 Catharine Mossi

Indian Orchard Citizen Council,

P.O. Box 51593, Indian Orchard, MA 01151

Office: 543-3172

LaBroad Civic Assoc.

101 Blaine St, Spfld., MA 01108

Lyn Nolan 413 348-6356

Maple High/Six Corners Council,

74 Walnut St., Suite B109

(Mason Wright) Spfld., MA 01109

Office: 736-4493, Melvin Edwards

Mattoon Street Historic Preservation Assoc.,

PO Box 3274, Spfld., MA 01101-3274

John Rice

McKnight Neighborhood Council,

PO B 90336, Spfld., MA 01139

Office: 746-6206 Walter Kroll

Location: Rebecca M. Johnson School

New North Citizen Council,

2455 Main St., Spfld., MA 01107

Office: 747-0090 Jimmy Rivera



Old Hill Neighborhood Council,

99 Eastern Ave., Spfld., MA 01109

Office: 736-4575 Barbara Gresham

Outer Belt Civic Assoc.,

PO Box 598 Spfld., MA 01101

Office: 783-2018 Walter Gould


Pine Point Comm. Council,

335 Berkshire Ave., Spfld., MA 01109 will change

Office: 732-1072 John Lysak


Sixteen Acres Civic Assoc.,

1187 1/2 Parker St., Spfld., MA 01129

Office: 787-7716

South End Citizen Council,

510 Main St., Spfld., MA 01105

Office: 413-732-5105 Leo Florian

Upper Hill Residents Council,

215 Norfolk St., Spfld., MA 01109

Office: 731-6590 Adrienne Osborne

Springfield Office of Housing and Neighborhood Services


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