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Good Neighbor Guide to Springfield Quality of Life Ordinances


Keeping Domestic Animals

110-5110-2, 110-3 and 110-4 ZO III,

Domestic animals may be kept only as household pets. Horses are the exception, requiring a minimum three acre lot. Four dogs or cats are allowed in a household providing ALL are spayed/neutered. A kennel license is required for an amount of dogs or cats over three, if ANY of the animals remain reproductively whole.

$50-$150 City Clerk 787-6094

Enforcement:Housing Code Enforcement, 311, Animal Control

Unlicensed Dogs / Vaccinations


All dogs and cats over six months of age must be vaccinated against rabies. Persons owning or keeping a dog over six months of age must get a dog license from the City Clerk. The dog must wear the license. 787-6094

Enforcement:Police Department 787-6302 , Animal Control 781-1484

$50 ticket Dog subject to impoundment.

Restraining Dogs / Cats


Any dog outside fenced areas or pens must be restrained with a leash not more than six feet long.All animals except sterilized cats shall be kept under restraint.

Enforcement: Police Department, 787-6302 Animal Con-trol781-1484

$50 Ticket-first offense$100 ticket second offense $300 third and subsequent offense

Additional $100 ticket for reproductively intact animals at large.

Nuisance Animals Potentially Vicious Animals

 110-6 - 110-5

Unrestrained dogs and nuisance animals may be impounded by officials until their owners claim them and pay the required fees. Nuisances include molesting pedestrians or vehicles, attacking other animals, being on school grounds, damaging property, or disturbing the peace by barking or whining which can be clearly heard at a distance of 100 ft. or for 10 minutes or more.

Enforcement: Animal Control, 787-1484

1st offense $50 ticket 2nd offense $100 ticket 3rd offense $300 ticket

Removing Dog Wastes


Dog owners or handlers must immediately remove any feces deposited by the dog(s) off the owner’s property. Person must be in possession of means to remove fecal matter.

Enforcement: Police Department, 787-6302 Animal Control 781-1484

$50 Ticket First offense $100 Second offense $300 third and subsequent offense

Vicious or Nuisance Dogs


A vicious dog is one that when unprovoked: inflicts a bite or injury on a human or domestic animal; chases or approaches a person upon any public way in an apparent attitude of attack; or has a known propensity, tendency, or disposition to attack. To consider declaring a dog vicious or a nuisance, a hearing before a special hearing committee shall be held. (Request hearing in writing to Police Department or Animal Control)

Humane Care


No dog shall be chained or tethered to a stationary object for longer than twelve hours. No chain shall weigh more than 1/8 the dog’s body weight. Access to clean water, wholesome food and shelter to appropriately protect from weather is required. No dog shall be kept outdoors in severe weather or when a weather advisory has been issued.

Enforcement: Animal Control 781-1484

$50 ticket first offense $100 ticket second offense, $300 ticket third offense

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