Street Lighting / Traffic Signals

There are two type of lights the DPW is responsible for, Street lights and Traffic Signals.


Street lights are strategically placed along almost every street in the City. They are intended to assist vehicular and pedestrian traffic. They are not intended to provide security lighting. If you have a complaint about a street light, or want to request additional lighting you may call Western Mass. Electric @ 1-800-286-2000, but please remember what they are intended for.

If you would like to report a Street light outage call 781-4300 or go to WMECO


Traffic signals on the other hand, are placed where traffic volumes meet specific guidelines set by the State and Federal Government. There are 235 locations throughout Springfield with traffic signals. These signals range from fully actuated self-monitoring signals to a basic school zone flasher. Any time you wish to report a malfunctioning signal or if you have a question about the operation of a signal please call 736-3111

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