Dept. of Public Works

70 Tapley Street
Springfield, MA 01104
Phone: 311 or 413.736.3111
M-F 7 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Single Stream Recycling Dos and Don'ts

Please Place Your Carts at least 3 Feet Apart

Waste Reduction Action Plan For Single Stream Cart Recycling - No Sorting Needed!

Yes! Do recycle these items

No! Do not recycle these items

Newspapers & Inserts
Magazines & Catalogs
Junk Mail
*Cardboard (tear in small sections)
Office & School Papers (all Colors)
Boxboard (cereal, cracker boxes)
Brown Paper Bags
Aluminum Cans/Foil and Pie Pans
Tin & Steel Cans (rinsed)
Plastic Milk Jugs, Juice cartons
Plastic bottles, jars and tubs
Plastic Containers (#1-#7)
Phone Books/Paper back books
Envelopes (including windowed envelopes)
Glass bottles and jars, all colors (labels are O.K.)
Please remove caps from plastic bottles

Plastic Bags
Light Bulbs (all Types)
Dinnerware or Ceramics
Soiled or Dirty Containers
Food Waste
(used paper plates/towels/napkins)
Motor Oil
Hazardous Chemical Containers
Window Glass
Styrofoam Containers or Peanuts
Egg Cartons
Hard Cover Books
Dirt, Wood, Grass/Yard Waste
Construction Material
Medicine or pill bottles
Wrapping Paper

Thank You for Recycling!

*Please Note: Trash and recycling containers should be placed on the tree belt, not in the road, to better facilitate both street sweeping and snow plowing operations.

Download Single Stream Guidelines Flyers:

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