Historic Districts by Street

Properties Located in Local Historic Districts in Springfield, MA
(as shown on local historic district maps)

Call Springfield Historical Commission staff at (413) 787-6020 with any questions and to determine if the Commission controls proposed changes to your property.

Street NameNumbersDistrict
Ames HillEntire Street Maple Hill
Avon PlaceEntire Street Ridgewood
Bay Street#116 - 290McKnight
Beechwood AvenueEntire StreetForest Park Heights
Bellevue AvenueEntire StreetForest Park Heights
Belmont Avenue#164 - #214Forest Park Heights
Bowdoin Street#45 - 198McKnight
Buckingham PlaceEntire StreetMcKnight
Buckingham StreetEntire StreetMcKnight
Buena Vista PlaceEntire StreetForest Park Heights
Campus PlaceEntire Street McKnight
Central Street#83 - 269Maple Hill
Cherryvale AvenueEntire StreetForest Park Heights
Chestnut Street#25 - 81 (odd only) Quadrangle/Mattoon
Churchill StreetEntire StreetForest Park Heights
Clarendon StreetEntire StreetMcKnight
Cornell StreetEntire Street excludes #43 & #111McKnight
Crescent HillEntire StreetMaple Hill
Dartmouth StreetEntire StreetMcKnight
Dartmouth TerraceEntire Street McKnight
East Park Street#91-93 Lower Maple
Elliot Street Entire StreetQuadrangle/Mattoon
Fairfield StreetEntire StreetForest Park Heights
Firglade AvenueEntire StreetForest Park Heights
Florentine GardensEntire StreetForest Park Heights
Florida Street#76 - 219McKnight
Forest Park Avenue#99 - 342Forest Park Heights
Fort Pleasant Avenue#203 - 251 (odd only)Forest Park Heights
Garfield Street#11 - 125Forest Park Heights
George StreetEntire StreetMaple Hill
Glen Road#2 McKnight
Greenleaf StreetEntire StreetForest Park Heights
Harvard Street#107 - 156McKnight
High Street#11 - 69Lower Maple
Ingersol GroveEntire StreetMcKnight
Laverne AvenueEntire StreetForest Park Heights
Litchfield Street#17 and east side LotForest Park Heights
Longhill Street#124 - 432Forest Park Heights
Madison StreetEntire StreetMaple Hill
Magnolia TerraceEntire Street Forest Park Heights
Maple CourtEntire StreetMaple Hill
Maple Street#19 - 83 (odd) + 76-84 (even)Lower Maple
Maple Street#174 - 421Maple Hill
Maple Street#167 & 169Ridgewood
Maplewood TerraceEntire StreetForest Park Heights
Marengo ParkEntire StreetForest Park Heights
Mattoon StreetEntire StreetQuadrangle/Mattoon
Mill Street#92 - 239Maple Hill
Mountainview StreetEntire StreetForest Park Heights
Mulberry StreetEntire StreetRidgewood
Oxford StreetEntire Street Forest Park Heights
Pine Street#195 - 394 Maple Hill
Pineywoods AvenueEntire Street Forest Park Heights
Randolph StreetEntire Street Forest Park Heights
Ridgewood PlaceEntire Street Ridgewood
Ridgewood TerraceEntire Street Ridgewood
Riverview StreetEntire Street Forest Park Heights
Riverview TerraceEntire Street Forest Park Heights
Salem Street#18 onlyQuadrangle/Mattoon
School Street#14 - 92 (even only) plus #57Lower Maple
School Street#100 - 130 (even only)Ridgewood
Sherman Street#158 & #164McKnight
Spruceland AvenueEntire StreetForest Park Heights
St. James Avenue#141 - 314 McKnight
State Street
#195 -289 (odd only)
Lower Maple
State Street#222 - 284 (even only)Quadrangle/Mattoon
State Street#684 & #730McKnight
Sterns TerraceEntire StreetMaple Hill
Sumner Avenue#3 - 268Forest Park Heights
Temple StreetEntire StreetLower Maple
Thompson StreetEntire Street McKnight
Union Street#247 - 276 Lower Maple
Union Street#307 - 409 (odd only)Ridgewood
Washington Blvd Entire StreetForest Park Heights
Washington RoadEntire StreetForest Park Heights
Westernview StreetEntire StreetForest Park Heights
Westminster StreetEntire Street McKnight
Worthington Street#1030 - 1176 McKnight
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